Operational Guideline

Bruno Maderna

The Operational Guideline has been created as a useful tool in order to support students and teachers in the preparation of students’ professional future.

The Guideline captured the basic structure of music school education in the three investigated countries (Italy, Spain and Austria) by analyzing the existing training institutions (schools, conservatories, universities, etc.) and professional bodies (orchestras, bands, ect.) and presenting the main professional/training requirements for orchestras and other professional bodies.

Moreover, the Guideline contains several recommendations, measures and actions to be used by teachers and students to support job placement, together with some best practices already implemented among orchestras and schools to increase students’ professional opportunities.

The Operational Guideline can be a first step for the creation of contacts, synergies and exchange of innovative solutions and formalised links with orchestras in order to support job placement and traineeship of students.

A useful guide to your future

You can download here the Operational Guideline with information on music educational and professional institutes and some useful tips for teachers and students

Institutes Lists

Institute Country Link
Orchestra Austria
Orchestra Italy
Orchestra Spain
School Austria
School Italy
School Spain